Thursday, January 29, 2009

What can I do?

What to do about Sassy Sophie? While I was downstairs, she was upstairs. She shimmied over the baby gate, messed around upstairs and wreaked havoc in my closet. When I went upstairs I could smell alcohol (not the drinking kind). I didn't know if I was going to deal with nail polish or something else. Turns out she put on my whole bottle of fragrance and found some makeup. She climbed on my dresser, reached up to the top shelf where I had her glitter hair gels, etc and pulled them all down. I thought that they would be out of reach up there... sadly mistaken.
She knocked off my jewelry box and all the loose jewelry that was on my dresser. (take note: this is how I lost one of my pearl earrings already.)

The red mark on her nose is from tumbling down the stairs, aided by Lily.

And, because she's not cheeky enough, she just cut a big lock of her hair. She was holding scissors, I asked for them and held out my hand. She said no, reached back and cut the back of her hair! What am I going to do!! She's 3!! I'm exhausted already and I still have 2 other children to raise.

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