Saturday, January 17, 2009

Presidential Inauguration preparations

What a week! C. is on the logistics coordination team for the Opening Ceremonies of the Presidential Inauguration and has worked until 11:00 pm or so every night for the past week and a half.

He's starting to reap some of the rewards though; today he got to meet his idol, John Mellancamp. They are both from Indiana. They spoke a bit and DH even gave his family a tour of the Lincoln Memorial! He made some neat connections with U2's production crew - we may even get to go to their concert and backstage later this year! Keep your fingers crossed.

There are so many wonderful performers here in DC right now. Another public figure that C. is hoping to meet is Tiger Woods! C. is a fantastic golfer and admires Tiger (who doesn't?)

He got to hear Sheryl Crow and Will.I.Am practicing for their duet.  He also got to hear the Boss but no pics.  

What do you think of the portapotties?  Is that too much or do you think it's festive?

HBO will be showing the Lincoln concert for free at 7:00 pm EST on Sunday, 1/16.  Be sure to watch.

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  1. I am waking up super early to go to the concert. I can't wait!

    I have never seen so many portapotties in my life!

    PS-Did I tell you about the DC/MD/VA meetup? It will be Jan 31. Please email me for details:


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