Sunday, January 18, 2009

Performance at the Lincoln

My oh my, C. went downtown to help with final preparations for the concert and to watch.  He just called and gave me a quick rundown.  He said there are 35 celeb/performers there!!  He casually mentioned that he saw Bruce Springstein, Jon Bon Jovi (Hello, Slippery When Wet was my very first concert and I still like him.), Queen Latifah (love her too) and so many others.  Casually he says, "oh, you should see what Will.I.Am is wearing today - he's cool."  Gee, if I only could see!  I'm very envious.  Even if I did want to take all 3 kids downtown, walk, brave the cold...and the crowds, I still wouldn't have the backstage access he does.  I'd have to hang with the proletariat.  Which, by the way, is behaving quite unruly I've heard.  C. said there has been a lot of pushing and shoving with a number of small injuries.  I don't have an estimate of the crowd numbers yet.  He's concerned that the swelling crowd will knock down the barriers by the Reflecting Pool and people will fall in.  Although it's only 2 feet deep, it has a thin layer of ice on it and there would be unpleasant consequences.

The concert is scheduled to begin at 2:00 est and C. had to abruptly hang up, seems some celebrity caught his attention.   I guess C. didn't hear me screaming "put them on the phone!  Whoever it is, let me talk to them!!  Find James Taylor for me!!"

He said that his other cell phone wasn't getting service (he called from the work phone), probably because POTUS* was in the area.  Word is, when Mr. Obama is in the vicinity, all cell phone transmissions will be blocked.  The security on this gig is unbelievable.  

C. promised he'd take a lot of pictures so check back later.  I've no idea when he's coming home.  Some of his colleagues who have to work on Tuesday are spending the night in their offices on Monday so they don't have to deal with getting into the District.  Thankfully he doesn't have to report on Tuesday.

*POTUS (President Of The United States)

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  1. I thought the crowds seemed pretty tame but I of course didn't talk to anyone in the know ;)

    There were some very rude people who wouldn't let us by to go to the bathroom but otherwise it seemed well organized


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