Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let me set the scene.
One cranky 3 year old who has to go to the bathroom NOW.
One tired 1 year old who has ants in his pants.
One cranky & tired mom who hasn't peed in about 12 hours because it takes too much time and I'm afraid of leaving my kids alone in the house for more than a minute and a half due to the destruction they'll wreak.



"Mommy, I have to go potty!" Usually when she says it I have enough time to slide her down the hall and shove the footstool in front of the toilet. Case in point. Today she said, I've gotta go (she announces EVERY time she has to go) and she races to the bathroom. She clamors on the toilet and tells me, Mommy, I peed on the waist of the toilet. Translation: she peed on the seat.

So, I park the monster truck sized shopping cart we are tooling around in - for fun, grab my purse and leave our jackets, items and various bits of crackers and goldfish following in our wake. Meanwhile my DH and 5 y.o. are waiting for me in the paint aisle or somewhere growing increasingly agitated that I must be browsing. (like I need new copper tubing or perhaps some electrical conduit or fence posts?!?)

I decide that since I'm in the bathroom I'll just take that minute and a half for myself. Because he thought he had some free time, my little one decided to make a break for it.

I had my phone in my pocket so I couldn't resist taking these pictures.  It's not like I walk around prepared to capture the memories...

He crawled through to the next stall.  My 3 y.o. thought it was funny so she crawled out of her stall, leaving the door locked.  1 y.o. kept crawling back and forth so I wouldn't catch him.  3 y.o. wouldn't crawl back under to unlock her door but after much cajoling, she did.  I drew the line at ME crawling under.  

Next, picture the excitement of pushing the soap dispenser, washing hands and getting paper towels...

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