Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

Sooooo. School was canceled today. Although we didn't get the snow predicted it was very icy this morning. I made up my mind last night that we weren't going to school, regardless of what the county decided. I had high hopes that I might get to sleep in (this is a relative term in our household. I mean that I'd like to get to sleep until around 7:00 am)

Alas, not to be. Lilydog wanted out at 5 and then D. was up by 6.
I won't even mention the number of times I got up through the night - that'll have to be another post. And I'm off rambling again.

What I wanted to discuss was how creative I have to be to keep my kids entertained. They are all still wearing pajamas which is fine with me. Any day that I don't have to get everyone dressed and out the door is a good one. We've cut paper dolls, put up a tent in the living room
complete with 3 blankets to make a beach. We've played with toys, games and snacked to our hearts content. I just made chocolate play clay and they are currently occupied with making cupcakes and other chocolate goodies. No, you can't eat it. Go through the My Preppy Purse link to the Fun Stuff page for the recipe.

Our next project is to make Key Lime Cooler Cookies because DH likes key lime pie. I had wanted to do these for him for Valentine's Day and here it is a week later. Actually they are called Lime Meltaways and Martha Stewart was kind enough to share her recipe with me (via her website).

Wishing everyone sunny skies.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

beachy cool bike

I'm getting a new bike! We went down to Virginia Beach this past weekend for a whale watching trip. We started talking about how cool all the beach cruisers were and on our way home we made an impromptu stop at at bike store. We walked out of there with 2 custom beach cruisers on order. We have to go back anytime after 2 weeks to pick them up. I can't wait. Fortunately they will accept my road bike as a trade in towards the new cruiser. I'll keep my mountain bike as it is older and probably isn't worth as much. After investing in a racy road bike I discovered (quickly) that it wasn't for me. It's just been taking up space.

Back to my new bike. It's apple green and I am gussying it up. I've ordered the saddle seat you see here and I'm getting new fenders. DH is going to paint them pink for me and I'm going to paint the baby's bike seat blue and sew new padding for him. He needs something flashy too. I have a wicker bike basket I bought in Amsterdam a few years ago. I plan to make a basket liner for it - I've got the cutest green/white hawaiian floral pique just sitting in my fabric bin.

Once I get the bike I'll be sure to show ya'll. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

has this happened to you?

We went to the church pancake supper last night with all the little chickadees. The girls had already eaten some pancakes and now I was in line. Knowing how anxious my lasses were for more chocolate chip pancakes (imagine!) I was not surprised to hear them whining, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mooooommy. Mind you, it had been a long day already and I had just finished feeding my fidgety baby (held him in a restraining pose on my lap - his legs wedged between my thighs, both of his hands in one of mine).

Slightly annoyed that they were shouting their requests across the room I turned and said, I'm coming! Problem was, it wasn't my child! Ooops.

Normally I can distinguish their whisper in a crowd of crazed Wiggles fans but not last night. I hope I'm not losing my Mommy Mojo. Whatever will I do without those eyes in the back of my head?

Monday, February 4, 2008

too tired

I'm sleep deprived,
I've been up all night.
The dog can't wait
for morning light.

Once we're back
and settled down,
the baby wakes up
for another round.

His sister hears
wakes up too,
she wants water,
the other wants

Tuck everyone in,
reset the alarm,
keeping everyone
safe from harm.

I drift into sleep
by morning's light,
the kids are up,
they're done for the night.

I sigh and get dressed
get them ready for school,
for me there's no rest
this seems the rule.

Friday, February 1, 2008

shopping at Costco

Today I picked up a little friend from preschool and took her with my 3 chickies to Costco. As I pushed the cart with the youngest two in the front and the two 4 year olds in the cart I was asked no less than 6 times if they were all mine and were they twins and other such comments. Come to think of it, it was more than 6 if you count the man who told me the kids were cute and which aisle did I pick them up on.

As we strolled the wide aisles the kids sampled everything within arms reach. It was a buffet of chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, pizza squares, yogurt and at just the right time - organic apple juice. It was a lovely sightseeing trip for them as I stocked up on paper napkins, diapers and baby wipes.

We decided to have lunch at their food court (great pizza if you haven't tried it) so I parked the cart by a table with an umbrella. The kids insist on sitting at the umbrella tables although I have no idea why they are even there. Since my pockets were full of the fluted cups and toothpicks from the kids samples I threw them away as I stood in line for food. Just then I realized I still had the trash in my hand but my credit card, costco card and receipt were in the trash. No one was going to help me so I took the lid off and went digging through the trash. Yuck! But I got my cards back.

As I stood in line again the kids were goofing off, as they do. Not a real problem but they were pushing the cart with the baby in it! Stage whispers and frantic gesturing were not getting their attention so I resorted to *loud talking*. They still didn't behave so I said, quite loudly, " Can you hear me? I know everyone else here can." They settled down amidst laughter from the other moms and a few understanding nods from the other dads.

All was well until it was time to leave the store. Babyboy had reached his limit and was ready for his nap so we hightailed it out only to be put in purgatory since I didn't have my receipt. They have to check your receipt against the items in your cart before you leave. Yup, mine was still in the trash and I was NOT going back. We were able to get a replacement receipt but babyboy was not happy about it.

All's well that ends well.