Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Vacation

We recently went to Tell City, IN on vacation to visit with the B.'s Our visit was during Tell City's Sesquicentennial Celebration and Schweizerfest. Grandpa G. is a big deal in town and basically runs Schweizerfest and Grandma C. ran the Quilt Guild Show. The kiddos had lots of time to spend with their cousins (I didn't ask if I could post their pix so you only get the back of one). We went to Holiday World over in Santa Claus, Indiana. Yes, that is really the name of the town. I think our favorite part was the Lazy River. I didn't really laze though because I was constantly *swimming* to keep up with one of my kids or their cousin K. It was fun, even though I did look undignified floating in my inner tube. We also were invited to take a cruise on the Ohio River on a Riverboat. Thanks Grandpa G.! It was a bit chilly when we started, which surprised us all, but soon warmed up and we really enjoyed our time on the River. I got to see all the landmarks that played a role in C.'s youth.

There was so much going on during our visit but we had a chance to relax and catch up with everyone.

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