Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

Sooooo. School was canceled today. Although we didn't get the snow predicted it was very icy this morning. I made up my mind last night that we weren't going to school, regardless of what the county decided. I had high hopes that I might get to sleep in (this is a relative term in our household. I mean that I'd like to get to sleep until around 7:00 am)

Alas, not to be. Lilydog wanted out at 5 and then D. was up by 6.
I won't even mention the number of times I got up through the night - that'll have to be another post. And I'm off rambling again.

What I wanted to discuss was how creative I have to be to keep my kids entertained. They are all still wearing pajamas which is fine with me. Any day that I don't have to get everyone dressed and out the door is a good one. We've cut paper dolls, put up a tent in the living room
complete with 3 blankets to make a beach. We've played with toys, games and snacked to our hearts content. I just made chocolate play clay and they are currently occupied with making cupcakes and other chocolate goodies. No, you can't eat it. Go through the My Preppy Purse link to the Fun Stuff page for the recipe.

Our next project is to make Key Lime Cooler Cookies because DH likes key lime pie. I had wanted to do these for him for Valentine's Day and here it is a week later. Actually they are called Lime Meltaways and Martha Stewart was kind enough to share her recipe with me (via her website).

Wishing everyone sunny skies.

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  1. Although I do not have children I am usually the one my sisters call upon to help when there is a "stuck-in-the-house" day. Crafts is something I love. I have done the baking thing with the kids as well. They always like the end results.


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