Tuesday, February 19, 2008

beachy cool bike

I'm getting a new bike! We went down to Virginia Beach this past weekend for a whale watching trip. We started talking about how cool all the beach cruisers were and on our way home we made an impromptu stop at at bike store. We walked out of there with 2 custom beach cruisers on order. We have to go back anytime after 2 weeks to pick them up. I can't wait. Fortunately they will accept my road bike as a trade in towards the new cruiser. I'll keep my mountain bike as it is older and probably isn't worth as much. After investing in a racy road bike I discovered (quickly) that it wasn't for me. It's just been taking up space.

Back to my new bike. It's apple green and I am gussying it up. I've ordered the saddle seat you see here and I'm getting new fenders. DH is going to paint them pink for me and I'm going to paint the baby's bike seat blue and sew new padding for him. He needs something flashy too. I have a wicker bike basket I bought in Amsterdam a few years ago. I plan to make a basket liner for it - I've got the cutest green/white hawaiian floral pique just sitting in my fabric bin.

Once I get the bike I'll be sure to show ya'll. :)

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