Monday, April 7, 2008

Time flies...

Has it really been over a month since I last blogged? I am so sorry to those of you (okay, my Mom and my best friend. I don't even know if my Mom really reads this though.) who diligently check to see what's new over here in our corner of Virginia.

As you can tell by the links, I've gotten very busy with my Maddy Moo Creations business. March was the first month I started having home parties and I've done really well. This is turning into a very fun hobby - I get to help women create all kinds of neat purses. They are lovely and I'm constantly rotating through my selection.

The kids are awesome. The baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. He has 6 teeth and I think there are more on the way. Since Daylight Savings Time they've been staying up later - how can they pack so much play into one day? D. is crawling like a little bear, it won't be long before he starts walking. Oh, but he keeps ME running.

I am trying to teach myself Adobe Photoshop. If anyone has tips, let me know. I really want to become more adept at digital scrapbooking and making other cool things.

We finally have a fenced in backyard! Yea! Of course we are just becoming good friends with the family directly behind us. Now we have to walk all the way around the block to go play in their backyard. go figure. We are considering putting a gate in the back but the fence is too new and I don't want C. to cut it. C. has been busy with projects. He is refinishing a farmhouse table that belonged to my family when I was growing up. It has a lot of character and it's going to be very sentimental to use it with my family for our meals and daily life.

Well that's a brief surmise of the past month. I won't let too much time go by again.
Thanks for staying tuned.

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