Friday, February 13, 2009

A Sweet Valentine's Day

Well the girls had a great day at school. Sophie wore a pretty pink dress and Katy wore a lovely red one. They both had their 100th day of school parties as well as celebrated Valentine's Day. They came home with lots of little cards and even more candy. lollipops, smarties, candy bracelets, and the like. 

The piece de resistance:

Really?  Pixy Stix?  Am I crazy or does this seem wrong?
I mean they are 3 year olds!!

okay, since you were wondering, we gave pencils.


  1. OK...I am bad mama...I gave full sized hersey bars wrapped in red construction paper with doily hearts on the outside. Yes...the other parents are thrilled, I am sure!

  2. Oh but if they are like me - they'll eat it! The pixie stix just baffled me...


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