Thursday, February 4, 2010


okay, I have been sooo bad with blogging.
My dear friends, I have been busy. Busy with the kids. their schools. Daisy Troop. PTO. my house. work. my friends. crafts. sewing. quilting. photography. digital scrapbooking. and so much more.

My unofficial resolution for this year is to get back into blogging... by 2011. Sorry. I am just going to focus on the above things for a while and when I feel like I'm "caught up", I'll get back to it. It can happen. I used to feel like I could do it all but in the past year or so I've slipped on a lot of the things that are important to me. I think I've missed every single birthday of everyone I care about. I hate that I didn't send cards in time. I mean really, how hard is it? I do place blame on the fact that my birthday calendar was wiped out and I'm trying to cobble it together from emails, facebook, notes and old calendars. So if yours was one I missed, be assured I thought of you and am so sorry I didn't express it to you with a card. In fact, when I get caught up, maybe all my cards will be handmade! Yeah, you're right, that's quite a stretch.

Well, this has been enjoyable but I've got to go pack school lunches and make breakfast for the crew. We've had teacher workdays and snow days all this week and I don't want them to be one minute late for school today. Especially since it may well be only today and tomorrow and then we'll be stuck in the house again this weekend and early next week.


  1. Hi Kathie,
    Wow sounds like you're really, really busy. How are you going to find time for blogging when you have all those activities you do with your children and without?
    I don't have a solution to help you find more time, but I do have a solution for you to get those birthday cards out and even remember to do them on time.
    I had 16 birthday cards to send last August. All I had to do was pick them out, write my message, sign and schedule them to be mailed to arrive just before their birthday. These are real physical card to their mailboxes. It took a few minutes and I did it from my computer at home in my jammies.
    You should check out
    Who is next on your birthday list? I can get you started with 2 free cards.

    Lynn Lelchuk

  2. I think we all understand (the Mommy Season isn't an easy one). Glad you checked in.


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